Windows 7 a big pre-order hit


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The latest operating system offering from software giant Microsoft is flying off the virtual shelves, according to the online retailer Amazon.

Windows 7 has been pre-ordered more in the first eight hours of it becoming available, than Windows Vista was in its entire seventeen week pre-order scheme.

Of course one of the differences here is that the pre-order time is limited and will end on the 9th August, and the pre-order prices are good too, with the home version starting at around £50 and the professional priced at around £100.

All pre-ordered versions of Windows 7 will be shipped on the 22nd October, which is the same day as the operating system goes on sale in the stores.

According to analyst IDC, it is estimated that around fifty million copies of Windows 7 will be sold in Europe


Deleted, at user's request.
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Windows 7 Pre-Order site

Pre order of Windows 7 here Just another update from me i have been using the RC of Windows 7 and can honestly say i am more than happy with it and havent encountered any problems with the Windows 7 Release Candidate. :)Please note that there is a very good offer on the pre order it may be worth checking out on the above link.
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Very much agreed there Moh. I've been using the RC for several days now and am very pleased with it thus far.