Windows 7 Operating System: Working with devices


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Windows 7 Operating System: Working with devices

Posted: 01 Sep 2009 02:00 PM PDT

Windows 7 Operating System: Working with devices

Since the initial beta release of Windows 7 there have been a lot of reviews and previews showing a lot of the new functions and features that Windows 7 offers, one aspect that hasn’t really been covered in detail is the ways in which Windows 7 manages devices.

A new article was recently posted on Windows7News which looks into the many tweaks and improvements which Windows 7 offers for connected devices, this article can be seen here.

Firstly the installation and configuration of devices has become much easier to carry out, rather than having to go through a lot of menus and options a lot of the configuration options are now right in-front of you.

The whole front-end of connected devices has also been re-designed, this allows for all connected devices to be easily viewable, all connected devices now show up in the Devices and Printers section, this allows for simple configuration of devices too.

For a more detailed look into the ways in which Microsoft have improved the way Windows 7 handles connected devices check out Windows7News.

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