Windows 7 XP mode and Sony laptop problems


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Windows 7 XP mode and Sony laptop problems

Posted: 10 Aug 2009 05:51 AM PDT

Windows 7 XP mode and Sony laptop problems

According to an article on SonyInsider it seems that Windows 7’s XP Mode will not be possible on all current Sony Vaio laptops, this is because they have this feature disabled within the BIOS. Sony are yet to announce whether they will be enabling this feature, however I would imagine they will as it may put people off buying their Windows 7 laptops.

An official statement from Sony’s Senior Manger Product Marketing released this statement, “We have received very little if any requests to enable VT technology up until very recently. In addition, our engineers and QA people were very concerned that enabling VT would expose our systems to malicious code that could go very deep in the Operating System structure of the PC and completely disable the latter.”.

While I can understand from a security point of view disabling VT technology is perhaps a good idea, if other manufacturers are allowing this feature I really cant understand why Sony have to take a different approach. Check out SonyInsider for full details.

Do you think Sony should allow virtualization ?


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No surprises here, it is Sony after all. If anyone would know about malicious code being hidden away in the OS it would be them. They are the experts at it. I try and avoid Sony products when it comes to my PC.


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Along with Ferg i cannot say that this is a surprise to me. I'm glad it's coming to light now before the official release.