Windows XP Support Ends in 2009 and 2014


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Microsoft has traditionally offered 10 years support for its operating systems, which is actually great value and not something you see with other vendors!

However, there are TWO types of support:

- Mainstream

Mainstream support delivers free fixes for security patches and other bug fixes to everyone.

- Extended

Extended support delivers free security updates to all users, however non-security hot fixes are only provided to companies that have signed support contracts with Microsoft.

With Windows 7 due out later this year, it is important to note when the very popular Windows XP software will reach the end of its support from Microsoft.

These are the important dates:

On April 14, 2009. The following Windows XP editions will come out of Mainstream Support and enter Extended Support:

- Windows XP Home
- Windows XP Pro 32-bit and 64-bit
- Windows XP Media Center Edition
- Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

On April 08, 2014. These Windows XP editions will come out of Extended Support.

Please note that “Self-help” online support will continue to be available for a minimum of 12 months after the product reaches the end of its support life-cycle.

Technically speaking this means that it will be 2015 before XP heads for the big cloud in the sky.

Just goes to show how popular it is\was



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Hope Ferguj1 reads this, as he's stated he'll be on XP at least until 2012. lol

XP has had a fantastic run, and still proves to be a very stable OS.


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Another 5-6yrs till XP reaches that great big reformat in the sky. Guess I will either have to use 7, or see what pops up before the end.


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See there 7th, I can use it until 2012 and still have a 3 year cushion. LOL

Not that all that makes any difference to me anyway as I haven't updated XP one time since installing it ;)


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I love Xp, long may it last,
I use a cored down version called "performance pro" only 150mb in size and 700mb when installed and expanded.
all the crap is cut away like screen savers and fancy icons and styles.
Goes like a bleeding Rocket!