woosh build and line help


so father in laws box went tits up, so I decided to try and flash it using woosh build sounded really easy to do, and it was, the problem now is inputting the line.

it starts with CWS but for the life of me I cant get it to work, ive tried USB file importer and file zilla, both after deep stanby and re boot it will not work, I know the line works because im testing it with my working line.

how can I convert the line into a working code so that the box can understand it, or can I re flash it with sumsee?

in scumsee when I went into usr/keys/newcamb.list the line ws visible but in woosh it only goes as far as usr/keys

im lost but I need to get the box back up and running any help please
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Put your CWS line into a file named newcamd.list and copy this file into user/keys. In Softcam Panel set the Cam1 selection to mgcamd_1.38r1. Press green to restart your line.