WooshBuild Wooshbuild catch up tv fast forward


How do I wind on fast forward tv while watching a catch up tv programme .

have a Zgemma z9 twin using open atv 6.3 with wooshbuild infinity

remote control left and right arrows do not wind on catch up programme

Does any one know the answer please



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Try keeping your finger hard pressed down on the arrows where the ok button is...
if fail try again it does work
The D pad left and right up and down is the one I mean lol


Hi Graham 1981198
Does not work on my box
pressing the right button on the D on the remote brings up red marker on screen on a blue line starts 0.00 to 0.00
pressing the right button on remote on D pad moves the red line along but not he actual programme .
Does a setting need to be changed to get the fast forward to work

Hi bazcfc1
tried next and previous buttons - do not work just bring up a cross on top right of screen