WooshBuild Infinity - For ALL Enigma2 boxes (Cable)

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WooshBuild Infinity
Any* Enigma2 box - Cable, Satellite & IPTV
That's right, no more waiting for an image to be released
as WooshBuild Infinity is ready for your box!

Beta version

WooshBuild has taken it, yet again, one step further and now removed the need for individual images for each box, you could call it "the Image Killer" really. WooshBuild Infinity will work on all* enigma2 boxes whether satellite, cable or IPTV Only.

*WooshBuild Infinity has been tested on many different brands and models of enigma2 boxes over the last couple of months but we can't be 100% certain it will work on all enigma2 boxes as there are just to many to test, but we see no reason why not.

Satellite, cable, sat/cable combo or just set it up for IPTV. WooshBuild Infinity only installs what is required from the choices you make.

With just one simple command, WooshBuild Infinity, with a simple menu driven setup on your TV screen, will:
  • Allow you, if required, to initialise your USB device & create a swap file
  • Set your satellite or cable region, or select IPTV only
  • Let you choose your default skin
  • Setup plugins
  • Let you setup your screen position if required
  • And finally scan your channels before restarting
  • Auto detection and installation of required cams is also done
  • Default setting that WooshBuild has always used are configure for you
The best thing about WooshBuild Infinity is you no longer have to wait for a new version to be released for your make & model of box. WooshBuild Infinity is always up to date each time you install it.

All of the plugins and skins in WooshBuild Infinity can be updated via software updates when available as you would expect from WooshBuild.

WooshBuild Infinity currently requires openATV as your base although we are looking to open this up for Vix in the future.

Full instructions found here:
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