Wooshbuild IPTV questions


hopefully someone can help with a few questions

im on -
wooshbuild infinity
usb setup as storage
epg is set to IPTV source only

1, my VOD is shown as a 'Video Club' on the menu and most seem to work perfectly - question is, I can only pause and play a movie, i cant seem to fast foward / rewind etc....

2, if i set something to record, as in just start an immediate recording, i cant get it to stop? if i press the stop button i just get the grey X in the corner telling me the button does not work? if i choose to record from the epg it works fine

3, my epg only downloads 24 hrs (approx 24000 events) sometimes it will only download some bouquets (24hr worth, approx 5000 events) - but even if there is nothing in the epg i can still get the channels if i click on them?


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