WooshBuild v2 - H2S & H2H OpenATV 5.1 Image

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WooshBuild v2.50 - Zgemma H2S OpenATV 5.1 Image

WooshBuild v3.00 is here
WooshBuild v3.00 is here
WooshBuild v3.00 is here
WooshBuild v3.00 is here

Please goto

V3.00 uses online flashing from now and the future.
Existing users, move to v3.00 without losing your line or settings

New users - A simple USB Cam Importer plugin is included

Please goto http://www.techkings.org/zgemma-sta...-transfer-plugin-basebuild-openatv-5-1-a.html

WooshBuild v2.50 H2S

A new build, A better build
OpenATV 5.1 Base - This image works on the Zgemma H2S model

H2H support for his image has ended. It is not advised to use this image with the H2H

Zgemma 2S thread is here


WooshBuild v2.50 includes bits that were missing from v1. Common questions, setup issues and features have been addressed, added or simplified. I have done as much pre-configuration as I can.

*H2H users must use the alternate Bouquet Maker. Instruction 3.1 cover this.

Again, instructions and screen shots for the beginners, I have tried to give a little bit of information about what is going on to try and start you on your way with these great boxes. At the bottom of this huge post is information on changing screen position, changing your ITV region, installing IPTV Player.

Click Here to: Download WooshBuild v2.50 H2S From TechKings Download Area

:no no: DO NOT use this thread to get your first post count - That is what the introduce yourself thread is for: New Member - Please introduce yourself here. :no no:

I have removed support for the H2H using this image, if you choose to use this image on your H2H you do so without support via this thread. It has been brought to my attention that once AutoBouquets E2 has been installed and run, ABM does not like to play causing issues and your box will crash when running a scan on the H2H.

This image is for those who want a sky+ box equivalent with easy setup and a happy misses in no time.
No FTP program required - Included in the zip file is an easy to use Line Transfer folder.

What's New - Minor changes
  • Changed the channel scan to only show viewable FTA HD channels - No more HD channels in Sports unless FTA
  • Setup the panic button to take you back to BBC1 and delete History Zap when you press the 0 button. This is instant
  • Included blank cccam.cfg and newcamd.list files
  • Added the build version number to the about screen: Menu -> Information -> About

  • In this build
    • New WooshBuild v2 Boot Logo
    • OpenATV 5.1 Fully updated (at time or release)
    • Slyk HD v3 complete with Sky EPG Tabs - Kiddac
    • Sky Channel numbers on the EPG
    • Picons (Program icons / Provider icons / Channel logos)
    • AutoBouquests e2 (28.8e - Pre-scanned to get you up an running quickly)
    • Random Audio Description turned off for all channels
    • HDMI CEC configured. Put your TV in standby at the same time as your box (TV dependent)
    • CrossEPG 0.6.2 - Locked so over the air updates will not replace with a newer version
    • CrossEPG Slyk v3 Skin applied - Kiddac
    • mgcamd_1.38r1
    • CCcam 2.3.0
    • CacheFulsh - pre-configured and in silent mode
    • IPTV Player Ready - Simple install 2 minutes
    • Pre-configured for use with an 8gb usb drive although as large as possible is better.
    • Image flashes automatically as long as it remains inserted into the USB port. - So don't forget to remove it after flashing
    • AutoBouquetsMaker installed and configured for H2H users. Please see instructions for use.

Following simple step by step instructions, you will have your box up and running in 10 minutes max (ok, maybe 20-30 if first time. I will be gentle with you)

Notes about this image

This entire post looks very scary to the newcomer with a new ZgemmaH2S box. Don't be put off. The guide below will walk you through each step needed to make you box work in about 20 minutes.

There are no instructions about backing up a previously installed line. If your box came pre-installed with a line (able to view Sky channels instantly) , please make sure you have a copy of your details.
If you don't please, read Kiddac's setup guide on page 6 as this covers backing up your pre-installed line. I will not be held responsible for you losing your pre-installed line and Sky channels.

What is required
Ideally two USB drives / Sticks / Flash Drives / USB HDD - Whatever you want or call them. A small USB stick is all that is required to Flash your box using this image. A larger device is advised 16GB bare minimum for recording / pause and rewind.

Connect your box
Satellite cables - top left, bottom right as marked below, the power lead, hdmi lead and network cable.

Feel free to turn it on, have a look around press a few buttons. Whatever you do at the moment will get removed when you flash the box using any image. When you have finished playing, I mean learning, turn off the box using the power button at the back.

How to flash with this image

IMPORTANT: Remove any usb devices or sd cards you may have inserted into you box before moving on. Failure to do so will result in your box NOT FLASHING

1. Make a folder on your desktop and extract all the contents of the zip file into your desktop folder.
2. Format a spare USB stick using the Fat32 file system - ideally this USB stick can be kept safe in a drawer should you need to re-flash your box at anytime.
3. Copy the zgemma folder and it's entire contents to the USB stick
4. With your box turned off, put the USB stick into the zgemmaH2S box using the front USB port (the one behind the flap)
5. Turn on the Box and wait for the letters FLSH to appear on the front screen. It will then change to boot after a minute or two. Once booted remove the USB stick from the front of box an keep in a safe place
6. You box is now flashed and running the latest version of WooshBuild and BBC1 HD will show full screen.
7. Once BBC1 HD is showing, switch off the box at the back and then remove the usb device from the front of the box.

* Anything you do between now could change the setup instructions below. It is your box, play as much as you want, do what you want, but these instructions work in a set order.

What do I do now

1. Initialise your USB device

Insert the USB / HDD that you are going to use for recording, pause and rewind into the rear USB port.
Menu -> setup -> System -> Storage Devices -> Initialisation -> OK button -> Red Button (Initialise) -> OK Button

Your USB device is now being initialised for use with the Zgemma box. This will be used for pause, rewind and the recording of programs, it is also used for the swap file, EPG data and picons. Time to complete this step varies depending on the size of the device. You will be returned to full screen TV when complete.

RESTART YOUR BOX! - do you think I want you to restart your box?
Press and hold the standby button then select Restart to restart the box.

This has just created a timeshift folder and also a movie folder on your USB device

Say hello to the new bootlogo



2. Create a Swap File

Menu -> Info Panel -> Plugins -> SwapManager -> Create (green button) -> OK Button -> Highlight 256mb and press OK Button

While this is happening, please take note that the text at the top of the window will read: "Wait please while creating swapfile..."
After a few minutes (depending on device and swap size selected) this text changes to "Enable Swap at startup" and you can move to next step.
Press the Red Button (Activate) - Note the Status will turn green and change to Active
Press the Yellow Button (Autostart) - You will have this on your screen

Now Press the Exit button 4 times to return to the TV


3. Change your TV region and rescan channels H2S Users

H2H users must use AutoBouquetsMaker - Instructions are 3.1
H2H Support on this image has been removed. H2H usrs continue without support if you want to. I no longer support H2H boxes - Sorry

Press the Green button -> OK button -> Menu button
Now use the left and right arrows to select your TV region then press the Green Button (OK)
Now press the Green button (Start) again and the OK button to start the scan
1_0_19_1B1D_802_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (1).jpg
Exit back to TV when the scan finishes.
Additional instructions are at the bottom of this guide which help you alter how AutoBouquets E2 works.

3.1 Zgemma H2H Users only

I have sadly removed support for the H2H, please continue as a H2H user at your own risk as no support via this thread. Sorry
H2H box users must follow these instructions for a successful channel scan.

Menu -> Setup -> Service Searching ->AutoBouquets (28.8e) -> Menu button

and set Automatic Updates to no.
1_0_19_1B1D_802_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (2).jpg
Press the OK button and the red button and then exit right back to full screen TV.

Restart your box
When your box has restarted:

Menu -> Setup -> Service Searching -> AutoBouquetsMaker -> Delete Bouquets -> Select Yes

Now select Providers and using your left and right buttons select your local region TV area. It must end in custom.

Now press the Green button (OK) to save the settings

Highlight Configure and press the OK button.

Highlight Scheduled scan and change it to yes. - You can change the time on the next line down if you want to.

Now press the Green button (OK)

Move highlight Start scan and press the OK button.

This will now go and get your channels.

When you are returned to the menu, press the exit button 4 time to return to fullscreen TV.

Press the EPG button to check your channels have been populated. (At this point your EPG description will still be blank)
1_0_19_1B1D_802_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (3).jpg

1_0_19_1B1D_802_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (4).jpg

Both H2S and H2H users are to continue from here

4. Import your Program Guide (EPG)

Menu -> Setup -> CrossEPG -> Configure

Storage device is to be set to "External" or "USB Flash Drive" or whatever your USB device is listed as by using the left or right direction buttons. DO NOT change anything else as this has already been configured for you.
Press the Red button (Back)
1_0_19_521C_812_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (1).jpg
Scroll down the menu and select Download now. At this point your TV will switch the the radio while the EPG data is downloaded and setup. This may take a little while and you may be switched back to TV before being returned to the CrossEPG menu. Press Exit 3 times to return to TV.
Press the EPG button to check that your program guide is populated. If not, check the steps above again, not forgetting the "Download Now" step. 1_0_19_521C_812_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (2).jpg

If your screen doesn't look like this, answer this question: Is the Entertainment tab selected? If it is and your sky channels have no program guide, go back and check the above steps. If the Entertainment tab is not selected, press the Next> button on your remote to select it.

Once your EPG is populated, press the Exit button


5. Setup Timeshift (Pause, Rewind) and recording

Menu -> Setup -> Recordings & Timeshift -> Timeshift settings

Timeshift Location - Press OK button
Highlight <List of storage devices> and press OK button
Now highlight your USB device from the list. You will see "Internal flash" and another device. It is the other device your need to highlight. Then press OK button. (mine is called Storage Device)
1_0_19_521C_812_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (5).jpg
Highlight timeshift and then press the Green Button (OK) 1_0_19_521C_812_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (6).jpg
Then change:
Automatically start timeshift after - 2 seconds
Press the Green button (Save)
1_0_19_521C_812_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (3).jpg

This image is setup for use with a minimum of an 8gb USD device. The larger the device the better, 32gb, 64gb work well. But bigger still gives you more room for recordings.

The recording settings should already be correct, feel free to go in and check the "Default movie location" It should read /media/hdd/movie. Dont forget to press the Green button (Save) when done

Exit right back to the TV


6. Transfer your Line for All channel access - Zgemma H2S & H2H ONLY

Important Note: It is never advised to blindly click on batch files (.bat) when you don't know what they will do. This batch file is safe but if you don't want to do it this way, please download a free ftp client such as Filezilla and then follow Kiddac's guide on how to transfer your line using FTP.

Looking in the folder you created on your desktop at the beginning of this guide, there is a folder called "Put your line on Box". This folder contains everything you need to automatically transfer your line onto the box to allow full channel access.

1. Place either the cccamd.cfg file or newcamd.list file that your provider sent you in to THIS folder. Overwrite any existing files if it asks.

linebat (1).jpg


If you only received your line details in an email, this bit tells you which file to open and paste your line details into:

If the details you were sent look something like:

N: speed5411.server.org 18000 username pass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
C: speed5411.server.org 18000 username pass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

You need to open the CCcam.cfg file, paste your details in and then save the file

If the details you were sent look something ilke:

CWS = quickness.server.net 56845 username pass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 lan server1

You need to open the newcamd.list file, paste your details in and save the file.


2. Double Click the Line_installer.bat file. This will FTP your details directly to the correct place.

UPDATE: At his point Windows may display a Windows Firewall window asking you to allow or deny access. You need to click the "Allow Access" button. This basically lets the Windows FTP program access to the network. Failing to Allow Access will result in no files being transferred to your box and you will have to manually transfer the files.

You will now see a black window looking at you. The final message tells you that if you don't see any errors, everything has worked and you can close the window. So go on, close the window if there were no errors. If there were errors, take a screen shot and post it in this help so we can help.

3. Now Complete the following steps:

3a. Select Channel Sky1 via your EPG and go full screen - Your screen will be blank

3b. Press the Menu button -> Info Panel -> SoftcamPanel

You will arrive at a screen with "Select Cam 1" Highlighted.
The type of file you were sent by your supplier determines what you do next.

If your file is a "newcamd.list"
Press the left arrow button to change "Select Cam 1" to read mgcamd_1.38r1

If your file is a "cccamd.list" or a "CCcam.cfg" file
Press the right arrow button to change "Select Cam 1" to read CCcam 2.3.0

Press Green button - You may get a Info Message appear on the screen for 5 seconds.
(If the black mini TV screen does not start to show Sky 1, go back and change "Select Cam 1" to the different option and press the green button again.

You should now be able to watch Sky channels.

1_0_1_1656_7E5_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (1).jpg

Press the exit button 3 times to return to the TV.


8. Picons - optional but I think they are worth adding

Picons are the little channels logos you see on some screen shots and these instructions guide you through adding them to your EPG and info bars.

From fullscreen TV:
Press the Green button -> Green button again -> Highlight +feeds and press OK -> Highlight picons.xyz and press OK -> Press OK again

Once you are returned to the list of plugings Press Exit once (the box may appear to hang) press Exit again, Press and hold Standby button and select Restart to restart the box.
When your box has restarted:

Press the Green button -> Green button again -> Highlight +picons -> Press the OK button

Scroll right down the list and highlight: srp-full.400x240-370x210.light.on.transparent Press OK, Press OK again. Highlight and Select your external USB device.
1_0_1_193D_7FF_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (2).jpg
This takes a little while to download and extract due to there being 7000+ picons and may appear to have crashed. How long it takes will also depend on the speed of your USB device. While you are waiting be patient wait and wait some more.

When you are returned to the menu, Press the Exit button once to return to the plugins page.
1_0_1_193D_7FF_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (3).jpg
1_0_1_1656_7E5_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (2).jpg
1_0_1_1656_7E5_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (3).jpg
Flushing the cache

Highlight and Select CacheFlush, now press the Blue button (Clear Now) once. Nothing really seems to happen, so press it again once. Now press the Green button (Save)

Press the Exit button to return to tv

Restart box (by holding the standby button and selecting restart) to make sure the new picons can take effect.

When your box boots you should now have picons. To test, press the OK button once to show the info bar and look for your channel icon.
1_0_1_1656_7E5_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (4).jpg


9. Software Update Check

Now everything is setup, you can check for any software which has been updated and safely install it as OpenATV 5.1 is safe to update over the air.

Menu -> Setup -> Software management -> Software Update
Once the list has been populated, press the Green Button to update.

Important note: You will always see that CrossEPG will be updated, this is because the version used in this image is locked so it cannot be updated as that later versions will not work with OpenATV 5.1

When complete, press the OK button and select Yes to reboot your box.

Congratulations, you now have a fully setup Zgemma H2S box will all channels with full pause, rewind and recording facility.

More information and additional steps

Already setup on this image. Information only

HDMI CEC lets you control your TV using the zgemma remote. This all depends on your TV and also if it is enabled on your TV.

To setup HMCE CEC follow these simple steps:

Menu -> Setup -> System -> HDMI CEC

Change your settings so they are the same as the two screen shots

Press the OK button, then exit right back to full screen TV and then Restart Your Box and then test by pressing the standby button once.

IPTV Player

These little boxes do so much more than just sat TV including the ability to stream films, live TV channels and TV series straight from the internet. This build has IPTV Player downloaded and just needs a few more steps to get you streaming direct from the internet.

To install IPTV Player, follow the instructions below starting from full screen TV
On your remote press the Portal button. This will bring up a new menu that we haven't seen before.

Highlight IPTV Player and press the OK button
1_0_1_1653_7EA_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (3).jpg
You will then be shown a message telling you that IPTV player needs to download some additional files. Press the OK button to start 1_0_1_1653_7EA_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (4).jpg
You will now see a series of menus, all you need to do is press the OK button

There is one menu which will read "Utility "f4mdump" is deprecated. What do you want to do? If you press OK it will just pop back up time and time again. So on this menu you are going to highlight number 3 "Do not install (not recommended) and press OK

The menu will then change and you can continue pressing the OK button

The next one to keep popping back up will read "GST-IFDSRC for GSTREAMER 1.X.....". Select no and press the OK button
1_0_1_1653_7EA_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (5).jpg

1_0_1_1653_7EA_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (6).jpg
You box will now show the busy spinner in the top left of the screen until you see IPTV Player

The first thing we will do is update IPTV player.

Press the up arrow once and then highlight the BIG GREEN DOWN ARROW and press the OK button
You will now see a huge list of servers. Just press the OK button and the updates will take place.

You will see a message about restarting. Press OK on yes and press press OK again on the 10 second message window. Your box will restart (well the gui will) and you will be returned to full screen TV.
1_0_1_1653_7EA_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (7).jpg
Press the Portal button -> IPTV Player. You are now free to select the icons and see what the apps play.

If you press the Up arrow once, you will see yify - this is a good place to start.

Screen Position

Due to all televisions being slightly different, some will display this image without issue, others may show the TV around the edges when in a full screen menu. If you feel you need to change the position of your screen to fit your tv better, complete the following steps:

Menu -> Setup -> Usage & GUI -> Extended GUI -> OSD Position


1. Move down and highlight "Move Left/Right" then by pressing the right arrow button enough time, you will see a red border appear from the left. Make this just visible on your screen (on the left) and then press the left arrow key until it moves just off the screen again on the left.

2. Now move down to "Width" and start pressing the left arrow button until the red border appears on the right. Just as it appears, press the right button a couple of times to make it disappear again .
3. Move Down to "Move Up/Down" and start press the right arrow until the red border appears at the top of the screen. Again, just as it appears, press the left button a couple of times to make it disappear
4. Move down to "Height" and start pressing the left arrow button until the red border appears at the bottom of the screen. Guess what.... just as it appears, press the right arrow key to make it disappear.

So to recap, once by one you have moved the red border for left, right, top and bottom on to the screen before moving them just out of view.

Once you have done the above steps, press the Green button (Save) and then the Exit button 4 times to return to the TV.

Alternate settings for your TV region

If you find that your ITV channel is not your local region, this is due to your local region not being available in HD. Where I live there is no HD for ITV South East and AutoBouquets selects ITV South. This actually does not affect me as all the news and local programs are the same for both regions so it makes no difference.

BUT if you need / must change your ITV channel to be more local, from full screen TV:

Press Green button -> OK button -> Menu button

Highlight "Channel Swap" and press the Right button once setting yes to No.

Press Green button (OK)
Press Green button (Start)
Press OK button - this will start a new scan and sort your SD channels and local channels.
This will stop all the HD channels moving to the top of your channels. This includes BBC1 HD, BBC2 HD and Channel4 HD You will now find them in the "High Definition" tab in the EPG. 1_0_1_1653_7EA_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (1).jpg

As mine doesn't make much difference I have left it set to "Channel Swap". With this set like this, you will also find that BBC1 HD goes off while your local news is being shown. To resolve this, find the channel number for BBC your region using the instructions below:

With your TV fullscreen on BBC 1 HD channel:
Press the EPG button -> Red button (Options) -> Highlight 4 and press the OK button 1_0_1_193D_7FF_2_11A0000_0_0_0.jpg
Now scroll through, find and highlight your local region for BBC 1 1_0_1_193D_7FF_2_11A0000_0_0_0 (1).jpg
Press the OK button once, this will take you back to the EPG -> Press Exit button, back to full screen TV -> Press the Right Button once. There is your Local BBC channel number. So now, when BBC HD goes to local news, you simply press your local channel number and watch your local news.

That's how I do it anyway.

----- :look here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Credits & Acknowledgments

  • Kiddac for his untouchable Slyk 1 HD v3 Skin making moving from mainstream provider to Zgemma simple - so simple even your misses will agree.
  • Kiddac for my awesome boot logo
  • Kiddac for his guide when I first started out.
  • Everyone who used WooshBuild v1, the feedback given is the reason for v2.
  • My missus and kids for my constant remote pressing, rebooting and flashing of our box.
  • Techkings for being here, So many people willing to help, to many to mention, but thanks



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Please use this thread for problems, questions and feedback as without those I presume everyone managed to get their box flashed and working without any issues at all. If that is the case brilliant, yay me, but I doubt it will be that trouble free.
Network drive used for recordings, have added the trash option to save deleted recordings for 7 days as was a useful function on sky box.

Is it possible to change location of the trash folder though?

my recordings are in ://public/movies/Zgemmarecordings

trash has automatically set up as ://public/.trash


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Network drive used for recordings, have added the trash option to save deleted recordings for 7 days as was a useful function on sky box.

Is it possible to change location of the trash folder though?

my recordings are in ://public/movies/Zgemmarecordings

trash has automatically set up as ://public/.trash
I have just been through every menu as I would think you have but have come up with a blank for this one. Maybe one of the longer term members can shed some light.
Sorry for a crap answer.
yes had hoped I was missing it - it's not a massive deal for me, I can easily navigate by changing the location in file list to the right folder to get an old recording back.

For users who are less able, or less interested (cough.... the wife) who can't be bothered to learn, trying to make it as simple as possible to move from sky to this box!

Cheers Wooshman


Hi just having a prob getting my line working have put it in the file and sent to the box via the bat. File but nothing coming up on sky1


Hi all,

A massive thank you to wooshman for his excellent guide, and thanks also to Kiddac and many more members for their input.
I went ahead with a h2s purchase and have the box up and running sweet. Still finding my way but so interesting!!!
thanks again to all.


Update my last message it had probs as i was on my laptop usong the wifi to connect to the box as soon as i used a wire to the router from my laptop it worked great thanks


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Update my last message it had probs as i was on my laptop usong the wifi to connect to the box as soon as i used a wire to the router from my laptop it worked great thanks
Thanks for the feedback.

I am not really sure why being on wifi should make a difference to you as that is all I use. It could be down to adapter / network settings on your windows box.

Main thing is your sorted it :-)


Yeah prob the settings on the laptop god only knows what ive done to it i only use it as a tool to abuse it to save hurting more expensive stuff it prob full of all sorts of virus and crap ! Not the best with this stuff but good at following a good guild and yours is very easy to follow thank you

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have got box up and running as in my other thread, I am looking to replace test line. Can I just put new info in your program and click bat file to send to box.?
Will this just overwrite old file or do I need to delete old file first?
Appreciate your help
this worked ok on my v1 build but problems here.

Try to export a m3u playlist file by going to the zgemma h2s from web browser, then click the tv screen picture next to the boutiques, but getting an error message
Capture.jpg Capture1.jpg
can any one else export the file, you should end up with a playlist.m3u


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Yes I get the very same as you. I can't do it this second but I will uninstall webif and re-install to see if it related to that first.

The difference between v2 is this uses AutoBouquet E2 and CrossEPG against v1 using AutoBouquetsMaker and xmltv-import.


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this worked ok on my v1 build but problems here.

Try to export a m3u playlist file by going to the zgemma h2s from web browser, then click the tv screen picture next to the boutiques, but getting an error message

can any one else export the file, you should end up with a playlist.m3u


Reflash time.

---------- Post Merged at 10:44 PM ----------

OK So I first uninstalled WebIf, big mistake as I couldn't re-load it.

Clean v2 and used ABM and xmltv-import but no different. Did updates, no different. I am just flashing back to v1 to see if it initially works.

Which it does. Will try a software update now.

---------- Post Merged at 11:03 PM ----------

So even after the updates for OpenATV 5.1 the m3u list is still generated.

The biggest difference is that v1 uses ABM & xmltv-import where as v2 uses AutoBouquets E2 (28.8) and CrossEPG. Although I installed both it seems that the damage is already done for creating the m3u. Even using CrossEPG to bring in the EPG it still works.

So - what will you all miss out on if I change to AutoBouquetsMaker in place of AutoBouquets E2 - Channel numbers. No more, no less. - But I like them.

There is not much difference between v1 and v2 apart from the way the channels and EPG are created. And a few extra settings have been done in v2.
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Do you mean you can get the m3u on v2 now wooshman

No mate I am afraid not. The individual ones work but not the bouquets which is not much use. I think is it to do with AB E2. Feel free to change all your settings in there to see if you can find the one which works. Maybe channel numbers, the bouquet channel sort etc. Maybe one of them will fix this issue.

When I have time I will continue to play with it and see if I can find a solution for you. Feel free to chuck v1 back on if you can live with no channel numbers.


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I'll try and do a guide for creating a m3u play list but i might not be able to till the weekend working 12 hour nights


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to change the file click open in notpad then save as .txt
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