Working EPG

Hi guys. Loving my little V8 Golden. It's a tiny treasure trove of goodies and i reckon I've got to grips with most of it but I'm stumped by the EPG. Does anyone know how to get a working 7 day EPG on this little beast? Any way to record series etc?

Thanks in advance


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Afaik there is no 7 day epg that works on the v8 golden, Reaper is the man to ask if you want a definitive reply.


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Thanks Guys
I was going to try that link but don't think I'll bother in case it messes anything up and I need to start from scratch with channel list and favourites etc. It's just a pain not knowing what's coming on after the next programme. Would also be handy for future recordings, butas they say, the best things come to those who wait.

Thanks again