WSJ: Microsoft prepping Xbox 360 motion control camera


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By: Jason Dobson


Rumors of Microsoft's intent to ride on Nintendo's motion-sensitive coattails are nothing new, and while nothing has been announced, the Wall Street Journal suggests that a new motion-detecting camera from Microsoft could be unveiled as early as next month's E3.

Citing unnamed sources reportedly close to the project, the rumored camera captures a player's body motion and translates it onto the screen. The functionality reads more like the EyeToy than the Wii, though the WSJ's sources say that the rumored peripheral will offer "more accurate control over games" than other cameras. Microsoft was said to be in talks to purchase 3D camera company 3DV earlier this year, tech the sources say is behind the camera. Whatever the case, the camera, if true, is likely a ways off, with the WSJ's sources further noting that the device won't see the light of retail until sometime next year.

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