XBLM 'Deal of the Week' is Far Cry 2 DLC


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by Richard Mitchell { 1 hour ago }

Now this is the Xbox Live Deal of the Week that we know and don't love. After a month of decent deals (plus one week of The Force Unleashed marketing), the Deal of the Week has returned to its roots: DLC for a game that came out last year. The game in question is Far Cry 2. The DLC in question is the Fortunes Pack, which includes three weapons, two vehicles and four multiplayer maps. Usually 400
($5), Deal of the Week status knocks it down to only 240
($3). We suppose it might be a good deal if you're still playing Far Cry 2. Then again, if you're still playing Far Cry 2, you probably have the Fortunes Pack already.

Thank goodness, we'd almost forgotten the empty, tepid feeling that the Deal of the Week can inspire. Welcome back, complete indifference!

From - Joystiq [Xbox]