Xbox 360 passes 1 million sales in Japan.


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Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 console has finally passed the 1 million sales mark in Japan. The announcement was made at a media conference held in Japan today. To celebrate the milestone in the Xbox 360's harshest market, Microsoft said it will say "thank you" by giving away 1 million Microsoft Points to Japanese Xbox Live users.

The announcement was made by Microsoft Japan president Takashi Sensui along with announcements of new games set to retail for the console, as well as downloadable content. Namco Bandai's Yoshihisa Kanesaka announced the company would bring fantasy role-playing game Magna Carta 2 to the console on August 6.

Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi confirmed Lost Planet 2 will feature four-player co-op support, while Dead Rising 2 producer Keiji Inafune shows off a trailer showing the game's protagonist attacking zombies in a casino using objects as weapons.

Tri-Ace's Takayuki Suguro Sega discussed the new RPG title End of Eternity, which is scheduled for release in winter 2009. Microsoft Xbox marketing spokesman Joji Sakaguchi used the latter of the media briefing to announce some upcoming Xbox and XBLA titles, including BlazBlu: Calamity Trigger which is due out June 26, and a new 3D Samurai Shodown title. Lode Runner is due to land on the service tomorrow, April 22, while Banjo-Kazooie sequel Banjo-Tooie and Virtual On will both be available from April 29.

Mega Man 9 is due out in June for 800 Microsoft Points and will include a new boss. Space Invaders Extreme and OD Beat Drop were also discussed but no date of availability was given.

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That's good news for xbox fans, but everyone has their own favourite, live and let live is what i say, no need to get into a row about which console is best! lol!

After all, life would be pretty boring if everyone liked exactly the same things! ;)