Xbox 360's DVD format falling behind?


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Forza 3 shipping on two discs, questions surround Metal Gear Rising's capacity, while MS kills off Blu-ray possibilities

Three and a half years since it launched, the Xbox 360's modest DVD format is now struggling to keep up with demands of modern game development, and the solution may not be as simple as "put disc 2 in tray".

Forza 3 will soon ship on two 360 discs, with one holding the core product and another hosting additional content. However, news site Joystiq reports that, because of the two-disc set-up, not all 360 owners will be able to access all the game's content.

At the same time, questions are being placed on whether Metal Gear Rising will be able to fit on a single dual-layer DVD; Kojima once infamously stated that Sony's Blu-ray format wasn't big enough to fit in everything MGS4 had to offer.

Forza 3 developers Turn 10 has confirmed how the full Forza 3 experience will work. The additional content on disc two will be downloaded and stored on the Xbox 360's hard drive. The game itself will run from the core content on disc one and, as the game is being played, data from the hard drive will be accessed to provide the additional content.

But the 360's basic Arcade SKU, of course, doesn't come with a hard drive; a near-certain indication that 360 Arcade owners will not be able to play the full game.

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