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A "massive" redesign of will launch tomorrow, Major Nelson has announced. Beginning at 5AM ET on October 20, and the Xbox Forums will go offline for "a short period of time" to integrate the update. Once live again, the site will be all tidy and clean (pictured; more images here) and introduce several browser-based activities.

Notably, a full Avatar Editor will be added to, allowing users to create, edit and start all over with their Avatars, as well as try on Avatar Marketplace items before purchasing them -- take note: "It just looked so fresh on the mannequin" will no longer be a valid excuse for spending 4 bucks on a Flashy Suit. The Major also teases the new ability to "play web games with your Xbox Live friends on the web or on Windows Phone 7" (but do we get Achievements for that?).

The update will also improve messaging functionality on the site and provide access to Xbox Live usage data for family accounts -- you know, to track your kids'hours. We don't have to remind you how critical it is for the little ones to keep up with their Modern Warfare 2 regimen to ensure a strong start in Black Ops competition this November -- gotta keep those K/D ratios up! The 12-year-old might have trouble juggling multiplayer and school work, sure, but it's not like the fourth grader has that much homework getting in the way of a real shot to go pro one day.

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