Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Fable 2's Knothole Island [update]


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by David Hinkle { 23 hours ago }

: Okay folks, it seems to be showing up at the discounted price now (make sure you're signed in to The deal is for Gold members only.

For all of you wannabe Meteorologists out there, the problematic weather of Fable 2's Knothole Island awaits you and all of your cunning. The Lionhead community blog reveals the DLC will be discounted up until July 5. Normally 800
, the DLC will receive a price cut of 30%, knocking it down to a more manageable 560

You already know our thoughts on the add-on, so we suggest you stock up on mainland items and head to Knothole Island for some rare goodies in the Box of Secrets. And, you know, tackle a dungeon or three.

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