XE 3.0.9 - Unable to Install on VIX 6 Build


Hi, I have several VU+ Boxes running Open Vix and been using Xtremeditor 3.0.9 to combine Free sat and IPTV together in my epg. Everything has worked perfectly until the latest version of VIX which I believe is based on Python 3 and not Python 2 for which previous builds were. Previously I would install Xtremeditor.ipk from the Temp folder using Install local extension, however, on VIX 6 I get an error and it wont go on. Does any one know of a solution to my problem. Can Xtremeditor be used on a build based on Python 3 or is there something else in Python 3 that will work with my IPTV supplier who currently links up a QR code I give him from the XE Plugin installed on my box.

Any advice and help will be gratefully appreciated..........Spevs


TK Veteran
think you will have to go back to your recent version of vix because if extremaditor has not been updated to python 3 it will not work at least io think thats why as a few of the guys have been on about python 3 in other threads on the site