xtream catchup issues


Using a Vu+ Solo2 w/ openvix and xtream editor.

My xtream catch up seems to only work part of the time. Sometimes it plays fantastic - I can scrub through the recording I'm watching with no issues. Other times, like right now, the image seems to jump or skip every couple minutes, either looping the same section back over and over, out of sync with the audio, or the audio jumps out of sync from the video without the loop. Sometimes if I scrub back the picture and audio re-sync and it continues fine, until it jumps out of sync again a few minutes later. Currently, the catchup playback is giving me these issues, but just watching the channel live gives me no problems.

If I re-start the catchup stream sometimes the video and audio snag in the same spots, other times it will play through the previously affected sections fine but start skipping/jumping etc on other parts.

It's highly frustrating that I just give up and turn off my setup. I'm struggling to understand what exactly is causing this because it seems to be random. Is it my end or the providers? Is it possible to increase the buffer time or re-sync the stream without needing to seek/scrub the timeline back and fourth?

Brilliant when it works, but so amazingly frustrating when it's acting up.
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