Yamaha HTR 2071


Hello, when setting up this av, it won't connect to TV, I thought an ordinary hdmi cable 2.0, I think would do. Do I have to get a stronger cable for this to work? I suspect so, but thought I'd ask anyway. I really must do course or brush up on my knowledge of sound, I find it all very complicated. Thanks.


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Hello again, I got a 4k hdmi cable, connected up the Yamaha HTR 2071 to my 4k lg TV. Did test tone of the speakers, all working, no probs. I have Nvidia Shield connected to the AV. Shield is visible on the TV ad are TV stations. But you guessed it no sound from my speakers. I have tried all the settings under the sun. They just won't talk to each other. I was wondering to I need a 4k hdmi for all connections, I wouldn't have thought so as the channels can't be heard either. Is there an easy fix. I can't se to find a you tube with the exact set up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Puzzled why you needed a 4K hdmi as no mention on the tv or specs.

I have an Onkyo amp and that needed setting up for all devices

If you plugged it into tv and ran an optical from tv to in on amp and setup that way would it work?