YouTube ban for binge-drink video


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An NHS video warning youngsters about the dangers of drinking excessively over Christmas has been banned from YouTube for being too graphic.
YouTube ban for binge-drink video The footage, shot by a hand-held camera, shows a teenage girl urinating in the street after a night out drinking.

As she collapses against a pillar and then on to the floor, a gang of boys start taunting her and she turns her bloodied face to the camera.

The film finishes with the tag: "Too much alcohol ruined your night?"

The two-minute "Bloody Mary" clip was made by Derbyshire Primary Care Trust to warn youngsters about drinking too much at Christmas. It received 15,000 hits in the eight days it was on YouTube and was also distributed to local media as part of a £25,000 media campaign.

The PCT said the video was filmed in Chesterfield Market Place and involved professional actors. It was shot with a hand-held camera to make it look as if it was filmed with a mobile phone.

The trust's bosses are angry the clip has now been removed from YouTube. Alison Pritchard, from the PCT, said: "This video does have a dark humour in it designed to capture the imagination and show what can happen if you overstep the mark on a night out.

"It has been banned from YouTube because of its content which we realise some people may find controversial. We want people to think about the main messages of safe drinking and use the information to make informed choices on their nights out, particularly around the Christmas period."

The PCT said that in the last financial year, drink-related hospital admissions had cost it £3.7 million.