Zgemma h2h setup


Hello guys, I've jus bought a zgemma h2h and I'm struggling a little figuring out the first steps on setting the box up.
I have a openbox v8s but just fancied a better box with sly look and recording potential,
I'm figuring out quickly that this is a whole new ball game than the openbox to get going!
I've spent time on here reading thought the forums and have downloaded sucmnsee's latest vix backup for h2h box but how do I unrar the file? also I'm I correct in doing this first? When should I be putting in the line? I know the answers are prob right in front of me on here but there's just so much information I feel a bit lost, any help with this will be much appreciated! Thanks guys this really is a great site!


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You will need winrar, google it
Full instructions should be with the back up image. You will need a program called FileZilla also to transfer your line details into your H2H


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Ur a star lad thank you! Should that be all it takes to get it up and working? What about the channel list, will that be in the build or will I search the info for that separately



I was in a similar boat to you. Got my zgemma two days ago. I installed the WhooshBuild following the instructions and downloads on here. Very easy to install and works great.

Good luck!


Ted luxston

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Check out bees E2 tut.. got it all there.. 6 boxes all set up from it and no problems.. i like soft cams but prefer my mate null... lol


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Wooshbuild I've been told is fantastic to use and install, I've personally use Sucmnsee's images before and found them perfect and bee's tut is great for those wanting to setup a box themselves.

With any of these 3 you can't go wrong in my opinion and I always direct people to these when setup questions are asked.