Zgemma h2h wont install plug in

I recently updated my h2h with wooshbuild from grogbuild on open atv 6.4 now. Installed jedi maker and easy vpn installed and installed my m3u for iptv, worked perfectly for 5 mins then i turned it off. Then i turned it on again, m3u iptv playlist gone red saying not responding (works in my other h92h), decided to remove the vpn plug in to see if that made a difference but still was red. Trying to download plug in again but keep getting this error message with anything
Ive searched through this site to find answers all day and no one seems to have had it resolved?
If anyone can help with what to do.


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Sounds like your only allowed 1 connection on the line and if its on the h9s box then box is being shut off


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Thanks gave it ago using opkg update in putty but keep saying this during the install


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