Zgemma H7S keeps recording IPTV


Hi guys,

I have a Zgemma H7S with Wooshbuild and a line setup using Jedi, and all was ok. I also have XStremity plugin installed for VOD.

Yesterday I attempted to download a movie using XStremity and it failed half way through. Since then I keep getting locked out by my provider as he says my box is recording.

I have removed both Jedi and XStremity plugins and the guy has changed my login. Now the weird thing is as soon as I boot the box up it seems to connect to my provider and start recording again and using up my one connection. Given that I have removed the plugins I don't understand how that is possible!

Anybody got any advice for how I stop it trying to make a connection/record. There is nothing obvious being recorded/no timers shown so I am very confused, and don't know what to do beyond a factory reset, which I would rather avoid!

Thanks for any advice.


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have you pressed file list button to see if recording is there an stop or delete the file.


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Thanks for your help. Auto record was off, but I turned it on, and then back off and it's managed to stop it using a second stream - very weird!