Zgemma H9.2H - 4K - DVB-S2X+DVB-T2/C - Stalker - WIFI box issues?

Been using the box with a cable line for about 8 months.
Box got a bit flaky a few weeks ago.So did a fresh install from Whooshbuild 6.2 to grogbuild freerange (props to grogbuild on the ease of use)
Was working fine but has started to play up over the last week or so.

box is freezing. sometimes as often as every few seconds,stuttering on. or can work for an hour then start stuttering.
The signal can drop out completely and come back a few seconds later (usually when its been freezing)
Had some sound drop outs. Changing channels didnt help
Also getting what I can only describe as interference. sometimes lines across the screen,other times coloured 'snow' replacing images on screen.

Box runs ethernet. I have removed storage devices wondering if it was the hard drive/stick causing issues.
Wondering if it could be a hardware issue?

FYI Im no techie with these things. :blush: