Zgemma sat signal

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Why are you baffled? The problem is that the dish/lnb is not aligned correctly, you are not receiving adequate signal for all of 28.2. Fix it or get it fixed by someone else. It should be a very small adjustment. Most likely LNB needs twisting (skew adjustment). If you can safely take a picture from the front of dish, please upload a picture.

Reception (receiving enough signal) is one thing. Decryption (clearing using a card/line) is another. You cannot decrypt what you cannot receive.

I am seeing three Sky One HD channels on the service list. I don't know which is which as I can't check.
12187 Horizontal 27500 (2 channels). This transponder also has Sky Arts HD, Sky Atlantic HD, Sky Witness HD, LFCTV HD and Sky Sports Racing HD
11856 Vertical 27500. This transponder also has E4 HD, Eurosport 1 HD, Eurosport 2 HD, Virgin One HD, Virgin Two HD, Sky Sports Arena HD, Sky Sports Main Event HD.
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Have it a few weeks now been working great

And the seller has all his HD working thats why i put up my post in case im doing something wrong
Who did you get from and how much did you pay mate looking my self again but I won't be paying silly money for it

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As another test, can a friend/family member test your receiver at their place for you? Or you test another receiver at your place?

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Those are the correct settings to use for performing a scan as I requested earlier. You have said that you are receiving about 100 less channels than you should.

You said your receiving the Irish version of Sky One HDs. They are on two different transponders, I don't know which is which. I asked that you to select the one that does not work, then go into signal finder. Then adjust the LNB skew or touch ends of dish to improve signal. I also asked you to attach a picture of the LNB from front of dish if you can get to it safely.


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What does the network scan do? I select it too, but never really understood what it means.
I far as I am aware it pulls in all the channels associated with the provider, So for example you scan sky one hd but your scan fails to see sky one sd it will still load it into your channel list. I am up for being correct on this.

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This is what someone else posted on another forum:

Network scan reads the Network Information Table and scans all transponders listed in it. Each transponder is scanned individually and only services found on each transponder will be saved. Channels are only saved if the transponder can be received.

There are 2 ways to use network scan:

"Complete scan + network". This is the same as doing a "complete scan" except it can find unknown transponders not listed in satellites.xml.

"Single transponder + network". This is used to scan all transponders of one provider. For example, on 19E there are a lot of different providers and you might only want to scan one. Lets say you only want to scan transponders that carry the CanalSat package. Go on 19E, DVB-S, 11856 V 27500, 3/4 and select network. That scan will scan all the transponders that CanalSat transmits on. Maybe 7 or 8.

No reason why a Network scan should take a long time. And it won't scan in any channels on transponders it can't access.

But from my experience it brings in channels that cannot be received.