Zgemma signal issue


Hi, i just got a new Zgemma H2.S BOX. I installed latest Wooshbuild Infinity. Im running 4 A B C D DiSEqC setup. Everything went well as setup and installs goes, and the box is running well apart from the signal issue and CCCAM problem i went across . I also have an Openbox V9S, the signal on Openbox was SNR: 90-100%
AGC: 80-90%.
Zgemma A tuner - SNR: 50-75% , AGC: 0-2% depens which channel/satellite im on. AGC is the same always ! Itried back Openbox disconnected Zgemmaa and conected Openbox back . The signal is still very good on Openbox. Back on Zgemma and the sugnal is still lower on both Tuners A OR B !!! What could be the problem. Could this be a faulty zgemma box ?
Other issue im having is Cccam 2.3.0 dissapearing from menu after i tried some crypted channels. Not all of them. I had to get back to menu Softcam panel and keep enabling it. I also dowloaded 2.2.1 cccam version and tried it , i tried in both Start Modes: Init.d or Python Camstsrter !! So far Cccam 2.2.1 in Int.d works ok for now. So its so weird..softcam panel Cccam 2.3.0 is not working as well as 2.2.1 !!!! So if anyone is experiencing same issue on 2.3.0..try 2.2.1 fiom plugins. Anyway...signal issue !!! HOPE SOMONE CAN HELP ! Thanx
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Could be a faulty DISEQC switch Try disconnecting each l.n.b checking the
S.N.R each time to see if the s.n.r
Improves worth. A try