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Hi All
This is really my first main post, please bare with me ok here go's,
i first purchased my Zgemma beginning of June this year, i have tried to read to try and become a little more knowledgeable, I recently read that you can install a plug in called permanenttvfclock, this interest was purely because i look at two 00 on the front panel of the box, and wanted to have a clock there when the box was on, my intention was to dim the setting when the box was turned off knowing that the clock does not display in standby.
When i select the "green" button to search for the plug in i get an error - "There has been an error, please try again later.If the issue persists, please check website or website (unsure if sites were allowed to be posted)
So contacted via twitter my contact whom i purchased the box from originally, finally when he got back to my query i was informed plugins get the data from website links an unfortunately this cannot be supported?
I notice upon purchase i had ts media plugin also, but this plugin now does not show, do i need to update / re-flash / other?
The only thing i am concerned about is i was informed upon purchase not to mess with settings update or reflash as this could A. render the box useless and B. Could invalidate support should it be required.
Can anyone throw any light on this please? I have had filezilla installed on pc and in the past and when i have had issues i have allowed remote access for issues freezing or other to be rectified this way via the guy or tech person where it was purchased from, The box was purchased as a one off payment and was assured it was just a plug n play, any support, help or other would be really appreciated, i am not familiar with filezilla and how to manipulate, update, flash or other the box with the filezilla tool (if its done that way)
I am happy to provide any details from the box given the instructions from a knowledgable techy, really appreciate you reading this post and would really welcome any feedback or support
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It sounds like the box has a ViX image flashed which is not supported, which is why the plugins don't work anymore.
(Zgemmas can't be updated via software updates either for the same reason).
If I were you I would backup the line (There are plenty of threads on how to do this) via Filezilla (also loads of threads on how to use).

Basically your line will be a CCcam.cfg file in the /etc/ folder or it could be either a CCcam.cfg or newcamd.list file in the /usr/keys/ folder.
If you can copy these to your PC you can then flash a new image and restore the line.

Andrew McDonald has just put a new build up which is bang up to date.


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Hi Willo3092 Thank you for the prompt reply, really appreciate it i have seen vix on the box in settings etc so that is correct, I know it sounds stupid, i just don't want to nause the box up, and because i'm not getting the correct support or info from the seller, i felt it necessary to post, what would the new build do to the box? and is it easy to flash the box, i really am that nieve!:beg:

Hi Willo3092, i did reply to your post but it dosent appear to have shown my reply? Apologies if it does later?
The Box does have a vix image as i have seen this on the box upon going into settings etc, In all honesty i have had very little feedback or info from the orig seller and i am so Nieve at this, i just don't want to nause the box up or invalidate anything, is this the only way forward to have the most recent build on?
I'm being totally honest now, i'm bricking it and really don't have the confidence or know how to attempt it, i really appreciate your feedback and prompt reply
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