zgemma-star s

am trying to flash drive my zgemma box so i can get iptv on it at frist the box was stuck on boot with the red light on i download a file onto usb it took it the boot with the red light now its stuck on boot with the green light on it would be great if i can get some help


TK Supporter
Do a low level format on the USB stick then download and unzip the latest 6.2 for you box and reflash
I use between 4 or 8 GB stick to flash box


cheers i tryed that already and also changed psu and tryed higher 12v.5amp no joy also tryed loads of images same thing ,flashes only to set up and stays at 49


TK Veteran
Normally it does go to 49 then you follow the setup,selecting hdmi etc. If you see nothing on screen maybe try a different hdmi cable.