ZGemma Wifi set up problem! HELP


Hello, I have a zgemma h2s which I have set up today with a sky skin, basically I have it all set up apart from the Internet. I cannot use a wired connection as it is too far away from my router so I'm relying on wireless. I have purchased a USB wifi dongle. TP link AC600, Model T2U. I have plugged it in and my box will not recognise the device at all The green light on the USB won't even light up. I have checked it on my laptop and it does work but it's just when I plug it into the box, nothing happens. Does anyone know if I need to download a drive or something and if so could they point me in the right direction. Has anyone had this problem? Stuck in a real hole and need help. Thanks


WiFi adaptors are hit and miss whether they work with a zgemma or not. Basically if you don't see a wlan option on network settings then it's not compatible. Edimax ones work. As said above tho you are better off using homeplugs

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I can confirm the tp link T2U does not work, i have the same adapter and it wont work regardless of which plugins you install/run on your zgemma. A lot of people recommend the homeplugs setup, but if like me, they are not an option, just use a compatible wifi adapter off fleabay or shamazon. About £6 delivered and its not let me down yet. But as people say, they can be a bit iffy.


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I can Confirm that the TP-LINK TL-WN823N 300 Mbps Mini Wireless and USB Adapter, 2.4 GHz works with openvix £7.99 from amazon or argos :)


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No it was as simple as:
plug it in
go to network settings
Didn't need a reboot

Something worth checking - I had wirelesslan (5.3+git19653) installed on the image which might of covered the driver?

If not I found a driver that covers it (ipk file)

Also the band is N so it can get good speeds