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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Discussion in 'Items Wanted.' started by mattyj1085, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. mattyj1085

    mattyj1085 Member

    Looking for a cheap amazon fire TV stick
  2. systemlord

    systemlord TK Veteran

    Since you've asked here instead of just buying one from Argos, do you mean you want it pre-loaded with Kodi?
  3. mattyj1085

    mattyj1085 Member

    I intend to put Kodi on it, so pre loaded would be ok.

    I was just looking for one for around the £20 mark to play with I missed out when they were £25 at Argos.
  4. dillyp70

    dillyp70 PETER DILWORTH

    Get a roku stick was £17.99 with free postage from currys instead of £40
  5. 1999gtv

    1999gtv TK Veteran

    Roku stick is good and I prefer it to the firestick, have a roku in the bedroom but it can't do Kodi
  6. dillyp70

    dillyp70 PETER DILWORTH

  7. 1999gtv

    1999gtv TK Veteran

    Doesn't install kodi only enables developer mode. Kodi cant be installed as roku uses brightscript and kodi relies on C# or C++. Kodi developers have no intention of rewriting for brightscript as it has been asked on the kodi forum on more than 1 occasion. Stock reply from kodi developers seems to be if someone wants to fork it they can but they have no interest in doing it themselves. Shame as I have the roku stick and roku 2 and it would complete the box
  8. gravehead

    gravehead TK Veteran

    come on matty, loosen the purse strings, spend an extra few quid!!
  9. ianw314

    ianw314 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    ....and if you do, install Paradox Build and you wont be disappointed;)
  10. mattyj1085

    mattyj1085 Member

    Lol your right but I only wanted it to test performance compared to the micro PC with Kodi installed I already have
  11. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    ..could you not just return it if you're not happy with the performance?
  12. jerico2048

    jerico2048 Member

    Have the FireTV Stick in my bedroom on wifi and works perfectly fine, even when the door is closed.......:eyes:
  13. Zakutd

    Zakutd Member Forum Supporter

    I'm interested in a fire stick (ideally pre loaded) if anyone has any for sale and can post in time for Christmas :christmas tree:
  14. ianw314

    ianw314 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Zakutd I could send you one mate but to be honest you would be better setting up the firestick yourself as most builds require maintenance over time whether it might be to remove/update addons that no longer work or to add new additional addons. If you need any assistance and I can help your welcome to pm me to ask any queries you may have.