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Amazon Go

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Gman496, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Gman496

    Gman496 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Amazon Go is a new kind of store featuring the world’s most advanced shopping technology. No lines, no checkout – just grab and go!

  2. bees

    bees VIP Member

    No good for shop lifting mate,

    After all I am from Liverpool !!! lol
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  3. systemlord

    systemlord TK Veteran

    Bah! Half the fun of going to the supermarket is chatting up the girls on the checkouts. ;)
  4. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    Would love to know how they do it
  5. mrtweaks

    mrtweaks Member

    RFID Been about for years but no one has had the B@lls to use it.
  6. Gman496

    Gman496 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Does NFC have any roll in that system I wonder?
  7. leader

    leader TK Veteran

    Looks like a system which is very open for fraudulent transactions , someone just as to pick up a item and stay near you on exit. nearly as good as the contactless card.
  8. Gman496

    Gman496 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well, it's due to go live in early 2017 in some US states, so it will be interesting to see how well the developers have covered the ability to fool the system.
  9. mrtweaks

    mrtweaks Member

    It will log the Mac address of the phone/device so it will then allocate the object to that, so unless they are holding hands it should figure it out. But I bet they have a sign saying Random checks of purchases will be made. Not dissimilar to Tesco scan and shop. All in their T&C's.

    Near field relies more on a close handshake but I am sure still relies on Mac address?
  10. Buckham_uk

    Buckham_uk TK Veteran

    Judgement day is getting closer and closer. If amazon re-brands to skynet were fecked
  11. t3rminal

    t3rminal Member

    I am sure Google already has a division/project called Skynet so doubt Amazon would be allowed it too.

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