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Amiko alien 2 hdtv twin tuner enigma 2

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by londonjohn, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. londonjohn

    londonjohn Member

    This box seems to be getter more popular.
  2. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    I renamed the thread title for search engine optimization (SEO), will leave this here for a bit and if there is interest we can move it to a dedicated section.

    Thanks for the idea.
  3. colpac

    colpac Member

    I have been told about one of these but cant find much information, so a dedicated section would be good.
  4. martfarm

    martfarm Member

    Hi i just got one from lavatronic £149 next day delivery, they have their own forum great box
  5. flutered

    flutered Member

    i have one, i only have the enigma2 side rigged up, it is an ok box, good picture and sound, the bad it can freeze, this requires the box to be turned off at the back, as it will/can not obey the remote, what causes this ?, flicking thro the channels, i hope to get the spark side up and running soon.
  6. martfarm

    martfarm Member

    Hi i had the same problem joined there forum and had to make a lot of changes and reflash enigma 2, sparks ok but no 7 day epg, in enigma you must have a hdd formatted to ext3 primary or turn off the autoboquets update and crossepg or it fills up the internal memory locking it up, but if you mount a hdd then point everything there to update all ok, and you need atleast 90% signal strength and 80% quality to make it run smooth is what i found , but look at the forum at lavatronic got everything you will need
  7. Greene

    Greene Member

    Anyone know if can get cccam working on the enimga side of this box? Works fine on spark but only oscam available in plugins on enimga bootup.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2013
  8. Jez

    Jez Member

    Have you updated the enigma2 image lately, ive been looking at these boxes and seems to be some decent development going on with them lately, the lack of support seemed to be the main gripe but things looking much better now.
    Open AR-P E2 Image for amiko alien2 and HDMU Team E2 Image For Amiko Alien 2 look the most popular
  9. flutered

    flutered Member

    mine has now decieded notto show chanells with the $ logo on them, while my old dreambox 500 works away no hd tho, i believe all will be repaired tomorrow, steveon i calling.

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