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Amiko mini combo

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by Faisal123, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Faisal123

    Faisal123 Registered

    Hi guys I have an issue with my amiko box. I have updated firmware by USB and now I am unable to get into the menu screen. It's like the remote is not communicating with the box. When I press menu I get a blue screen. Please help
  2. alan36

    alan36 Registered

    I'm in Dublin an I'have all ss hd and sky movies had but that's it every time I scan I can't get any itv bbc or rte can some please help
  3. KellyTheBhoy

    KellyTheBhoy Registered

    alan36, i think you posted Q in the wrong place mate, '' have all ss hd and ___ movies " looks alot better that way, you done 28.2 E blind scan ? amiko mini combo needs a firmware update .abs pm me i can send you link to google drive for download.

    adding channels to fav's list. press menu / service > organizing favorites / use find ( type RT ) now use the add icon to move the channel to the fav's from all sat.