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Amiko mini combo

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by Faisal123, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Faisal123

    Faisal123 Registered

    Hi guys I have an amiko box and I have updated firmware by USB now I am unable to get Into the menu screen as all I get is a blank blue screen. It's like the remote is not communicating with the box. Any ideas on what I can do
  2. gravehead

    gravehead TK Veteran

    try here - amiko-mini-hd-combo-tutorial it may help
    where did you get the firmware from?
    make sure you have upgrade mode set to ALL SW and Bootloader before you upgrade by USB
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  3. miss-peanut

    miss-peanut Registered

    Hi there,

    If you flash your receiver using the RS232 recovery method, this will help you restore your receiver to default meaning it will overwrite any settings already on the receiver and should hopefully be up and running again :)

    Here is a guide I created for a mini combo but most of the Amiko closed sources are similar so this should help you all round :) Amiko Mini Combo is chipset 3612 so you will need the "Make my STB alive" firmware for that chipset :)

    Any questions let me know! :whistling:

    I have attached here.


  4. Faisal123

    Faisal123 Registered

    Thanks guys for replying, do I need to purchase a rs232 cable to a USB end?

    The back of the box has a rs232 port?

    What cable do I need to order cause I believe you can get rs232 to USB

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    I cannot remember where I got firmware from but now I don't have a menu screen :(
  5. miss-peanut

    miss-peanut Registered

    USB to serial i believe and then serial to jack as shown in le guide :)


    Miss Peanut
  6. Faisal123

    Faisal123 Registered

    Please could you send me a link of what I need exactly
  7. miss-peanut

    miss-peanut Registered

    Hey Dude

    Yes it is all in the guide but hang on I'll post here too.. admin pls delete if not allowed :)

    These are the cables I use, i am not saying this will work for your receiver as it's up to you if you get them but this works for me personally whenever I get a fault with my receivers :)

    Here is the links to the cables I use

    StarTech.com 1 Port FTDI USB to Serial RS232 Adapter Cable with COM Retention - USB to RS232 Serial Port Adapter - Ebuyer < That is the first one

    3.5mm to RS232 DB9 Programming Cable | eBay < Cable 2

    I only have these as I have quite a lot of receivers so useful to me, however if it is just for one receiver for yourself then it might not work out too much more expensive to replace the receiver, these are just recovery tools for receivers I have as like I said I have quite a lot of them so this is useful for me :)

    Any questions don't hesitate to ask!

    Many thanks

    Miss-Peanut :D