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Antenna setup

Discussion in 'Skybox F3 - F5 - F6' started by evaneo87, May 13, 2013.

  1. evaneo87

    evaneo87 Member

    So I'm not really sure what I'm doing but fiddling with antenna setup I'm changing setting in my Astra which is called eutelsat for some reason anyways. Lnb frequency is set universal (9750-10600)
    When I change transponder to a higher setting the signal quality increase from 50/60 to 75. However when I leave the page the transponder reverts to option 122/139 11736 V 29499. Why can't I save the option with better quality ?
  2. maff

    maff VIP Member Forum Supporter

    If your after viewing uk chanells id leave it on Astra 28e. Need a motorised dish to pick up other sats.(or multi LNB).
  3. Kremmen

    Kremmen RETIRED. INACTIVE MEMBER Forum Supporter

    The transponder reverts back to the channel you are currently watching. You cannot force a channel to broadcast on a different transponder!

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