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Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H5.2S' started by d17, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. d17

    d17 Member

    Anyone got one of these? Just ordered one as my first box - assume the majority of understanding is transferable from the other zgemma boxes, but be nice to hear of anyone's experiences.
  2. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Setup will be the same but make sure you flash an image for the H5 as the file structure will be different
  3. Hanc

    Hanc Member

    [h=1]Is this the correct box for this forum?
    Zgemma Star H5 FTA Two Tuner SAT + Cable / T (H.265)[/h]
  4. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran


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  5. Hanc

    Hanc Member

    Im pretty new to these, ive owned a starview but many many years ago. I have VM and from what ive understood this is the latest box available that does VM and SKY is that correct?
    Also ive read I will need an F connector to screw onto the end of my VM input so it pushes onto the LNB Port at the back is that correct?
    For this box to record etc do I need an external hard drive. If so I was planning on using a 1TB Like the Transcend using the USB at the back, would this be ok?
    Does the instruction manual provide full setup, you lost me in the last post with regards to the (flash an image for the H5 as the file structure will be different).
    Im used to using the firmware with the starview is this similiar?
    Apologies for my infant knowledge.
  6. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    No h5 is the latest version it's 1 sat and 1 cable.

    The new box that maybe coming out is H.52TC twin cable and one sat.

    Have a reed through the zgemma sections and you'll get the idea of what you need there isn't a manual as such so you need to read up on enigma2 combo boxes

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  7. Hanc

    Hanc Member

    Thank you dsayers, will do.
  8. mikegally

    mikegally Member

    Had mine 10 days now, never had a system like this before as ive always had a full Rupert Murdoch subscription.....its runs beautiful and ive connected the content to my amazon fire stick running Kodi. The N-Line I have was very cheap and is glitchy. Think I need to find a more stable / reliable GIFT to make it perfecto.

  9. d17

    d17 Member

    Mike, what do you mean you've linked the content to kodi? You can watch content from the box via kodi?

    If that's possible it would be amazing. I live in a rented property with a shared satellite system and cabling to only one room - I'd love to be able to access it in a 2nd room.
  10. mikegally

    mikegally Member

    Hi d17,

    Its a relatively simple process, lots of vids on YT to show how. Ive got mine running sweet with full epg, channels and access to my recordings....i can also record remotely. My set up was more tricky as im running the 'paradox' build on my kodi.

    try this one but there are plenty of others.


  11. rsimp

    rsimp Member

    Just bought mine, setting it up this evening...
  12. rkl

    rkl Member

    I'm getting an H5.2S as an Xmas present (already have an H.2S, which I like a lot). The H5.2S's only difference seems to be H.265 (HEVC) support, but does it actually use H.265 anywhere?
    Is there anything to play back H.265 videos or - even better - actually record in H.265 on the H5.2S (I'm not sure if the Broadcom chip has encoding support though)? Otherwise, it seems like you're paying about 15 quid more for a feature that isn't going to be used, at least not right away.
  13. buzzking5

    buzzking5 Member

    does the wooshbuild v5 work on this particular box with the different tuners
  14. lancable

    lancable T K Veteran

    yes should not be a problem mate
  15. buzzking5

    buzzking5 Member

    Even if one is a cable tuner the other a sat tuner
  16. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    yes it works but the build is for sky, to use the cable tuner/ set it to dvb/c in config and you need to download autobouquetmakers in the system plugins and set it to virgin uk as provider, add the net id underneath and scan for channels
    that should sort your cable side
  17. Vasey15

    Vasey15 Member

    I got an H2.S today from Ebay. The programmes weren't loading correctly so I updated as it said I had 69 updates to install. Now it's stuck on Boot with a redlight. Any idea's on how I can solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
  18. nickyd186

    nickyd186 TK Veteran

    Your have to reflash it
  19. Vasey15

    Vasey15 Member

    It won't let me.