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Best oscam config/settings

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by Kennyfcfan, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Kennyfcfan

    Kennyfcfan Member

    Hi I have 3 different n lines set up in oscam having set up of the guides on here OSCAM FOR ATV they all work fine iv just imported the set up lines of the threads & put my details in my question is what's the best config in oscam to use once up and running all 3 lines iv had for a few months on mgcamd and only glitch maybe every hour or so but mgcamd only uses one line at a time and I thought oscam used all at once so would be better for less freezing but I seem to get more 3/4 times an hour on some channels tried load balancer settings 1to fastest card but only has one card connected (the fastest ECM card) but still getting lots of freezing all 3 lines have low ECM s and iv got low pings just thing it's something in the settings config that I'm missing tried back mgcamd and was ok for an hour but having 3lines I wanted best possible viewing
  2. lancable

    lancable T K Veteran

    have you tried mgcamd
  3. Kennyfcfan

    Kennyfcfan Member

    Yes was running mgcamd but have 3 lines and mgcamd only runs one at a time until one changes card and you get a glitch to the next line thought oscam would be better as all 3 lines run at once but I seem to get more glitching probably something to do in the config settings but I'm a novice on oscam
  4. lancable

    lancable T K Veteran

    even oscam will switch mate

    to be honest why 3 lines

    1 good line will do the job
  5. Kennyfcfan

    Kennyfcfan Member

    First one was top notch but went down a few times with his server second one had sent me 2 lines spent ages on here with test lines most was resellers found it hard to find a desent line
  6. DjXs

    DjXs Member

    Someone can correct me if i am wrong but going from what i am seeing oscam doesn't filter out any glitching etc it just picks the server with the best ecm pings, just because its the fastest doesn't mean its the best, i had to disable one recently with had excellent ecm times but was glitching like crazy.
  7. le0pard

    le0pard Member

    Set load balancer to 0 (disabled)

    This will send a request to all readers at the same time and take the fastest response.

    You'll still experience glitching if the cache is bad or expired.
  8. Kennyfcfan

    Kennyfcfan Member

    Re set load balancer to 0 know what you mean with cache as I was affected in November with the cache issue with a lot of the line providers . Noticed there is cache-ex settings is there anything to tweak I in there or is it best left alone? Its deffenatley a learning curve oscam
  9. ephumuris

    ephumuris Member

    Where is load balancer is it in my OScam server config I haven't noticed it? Could do with sorting this on mine too.

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  10. djgarf

    djgarf TK Veteran

    Load balancer should be set to 0 by default so unless you have changed it there is no need to alter it
  11. ephumuris

    ephumuris Member

    I copy and pasted some OScam settings so it may be set wrong I'll have to have a look.

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  12. kingforum

    kingforum Banned banned

    hi not all config works correctly you have to use the corect config available to your receiver