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Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by Anst11, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Anst11

    Anst11 Registered

    Watched some of the football live then I have Just watched a to show which I recorded and after it had finished I went back to live tv - all channels are blacked out then changes to wooshbuild logo screen . Free to air channels included. Epg and "system" looks ok can still look through it all but nothing but the wooshbuild blue logo screen.

    At a complete loss.... Please help.

    Tried rebooting - nothing

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    Upon looking I have 0% signal on signal finder....why could his be?
  2. kiddac


    somebody nicked your dish while you were watching football
  3. Anst11

    Anst11 Registered

    around my area i wouldnt put that past any of my neighbours or townsfolk... they seem to have an extra finger to nick things easier...

    but alas no, i still have my dish.

    I think i may have figured it out...

    I recently put tuner B to astra 19.2e for my other dish to test out and i forgot to put that tuner back to 28.2e afterwards. so at the time it went to wooshmans build screen i was recording..

    I am assuming it had some kind of brainfart whilst recording and trying to do anything else off one feed?