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Box Support

Discussion in 'Linux Software' started by caoimhind, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. caoimhind

    caoimhind Registered

    Hi Folks

    I am seeking guidance in relation to the box I have.
    I believe the box I have is suppose to be good.
    Nevertheless, I have had a line on it before and it froze alot.
    The line was provided and put on for me.
    Therefore, as this suggest I haven't a clue, hence the guidance required.
    I have tried to apply a line myself from a supplier suggested on line here.
    The supplier didn't know the box I have and therefore couldn't give support for setting up.
    I tried to google it and there no English when demonstrated.
    The box I have is a Optibox Evo M7.
    It claims it has the same information and more as the Dream Box.
    Nevertheless, I am unable to put line on to it to ascertain if the lines are fine.
    Is there anybody out there that maybe able to give some support, so I can try to get the trial line working.
    Thanking you all in advaance

  2. inbed79

    inbed79 TK Veteran

    hi its a enigma 2 linux operating system all enigma 2 linux box are more or less the same to set up ie dreambox vu+ and so on
    do you have ccam 2.30 on the box
    your ccam line goes in
    var/etc->/etc Cccam.cfg
  3. lareb2012

    lareb2012 Registered

    hi can't connect my zgemma h1 ftp when box in my friend home but when I bring box my home try and its work I don't know why change any setting help me pkz thanks