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PS4 Call Of Dude WW 2

Discussion in 'PlayStation' started by aScottishBloke, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. aScottishBloke

    aScottishBloke Forum Supporter

    dose anyone have a spare beta code For the new call of duty beta starts next week. if anyone dose would be greatful

    thank you
  2. kev69x

    kev69x Registered

    You'll be lucky, why would someone pre order the game and pass on their code to someone else?
    I woud'nt mind giving it play before november aswell, went off the last couple of these with all the jumping around but this one looks better.
  3. pugsteve

    pugsteve Registered

    you got 3 codes too use 1 for you and 2 spare too share around