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cccam and newcamd Files for an enigma box

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by Myrealnameis, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Myrealnameis

    Myrealnameis Registered

    Hi Folks

    I wondered if you could help me. I ve come along way in a shot time but I'm short of knowledge. I have done a lot of openboxes Blade boxes and lately I have ventured into enigma boxes like the zgemma

    It dawned on me when in a frends house last week a lot of the files were missing from his box. Now it was not a problem because the cccam file was there so I just slotted a file in there

    But it got me thinking, Is there a collection of files for boxes, For example if your running a c line in mg cam you need to chnge 33 to 32 and box type to 06

    Now if you know what I'm talking about you will know what I mean and if I'm daft in some way I apologise sincerely
  2. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    East Midlands
    If you're running a cline in mgcamd, you can just put it in a CCcamd.list file.
    The box type is always 06 I think for enigma2 boxes which is dreambox/mips.
    I've gathered together my own collection of files here but I think there's also some in the download section.
  3. Myrealnameis

    Myrealnameis Registered

    Thank you wilo. Its not the first time you helped me, i appreciate it. Just makes me better at what i do