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CCcam problem

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by geaton, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. geaton

    geaton Registered

    ok I installed woosh 5.3 yesterday on a new box all went ok no problem with the line watched a film on iptv then when I went to watch a sly channel I had a black screen pressed the red button and went into the softcam panel and there were no cams showing pressed blue to install cccam 2.3.0 and everything was ok sky channels working again can anyone shed some light on this problem
  2. grog68

    grog68 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    IPTV doesn't use your line, so even though you was able to watch a film on IPTV that doesn't mean your line was working. Are you sure you needed to install the CCcam and it didn't just need the setting changing from no cam to cccam on the softcam panel and then restarting?
  3. geaton

    geaton Registered

    youve missed the point sly was working all night i watched a film on iptv when that finished went to go back to watch a sly channel and had a blank screen until installed CCcam
  4. Bobbywolly

    Bobbywolly Forum Supporter

    I have had a similar problem after installing a new line in W5. Evetything works perfectly for a short while and then black screen on Sky channels. Check for my line and it has disappeared. Re install myline using cam importer from a usb stick and everything is back to normal. After reinstalling the line the problem has not reoccurred. This has happened a couple of times after installing a new line.
  5. Spyke

    Spyke Registered

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    I've had this too occasionally .. Watch something on iptv and then have to restart cam to get pay channels working.