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Channel list problem

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by Irenec, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Irenec

    Irenec Member

    Hi, I'll try to explain this problem but it won't be easy, when I press the TV button to go to the channel list and scroll down it I get to maybe the 12th channel category and then scroll back up the picon stays the same for all the channel categories, it doesn't matter what channel it is I've moved them about and it still does it, does anyone have any idea what's happening, I'm running Wooshbuild 5.3 and Chabs great SkyQ skin.
    Also, does this squished up screen look ok to you.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2016
  2. Irenec

    Irenec Member

    Anyone :(
  3. Irenec

    Irenec Member

    Can no one help I'm losing it here:willy nilly:

  4. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Try posting in the skin threads, someone might see your post.
    I don't use picons myself, so I can't help you sorry ;-)
  5. Irenec

    Irenec Member

    Ta, I'll do that