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code for 600rds eon radio

Discussion in 'Radio Codes' started by johnyc1, May 22, 2012.

  1. johnyc1

    johnyc1 Member

    hi is any body still working out codes for 600rds eon M006669 the bolt on battery clamp was stuck took ages get off then no radio. Be great if any one can help. Thanks in advance
  2. bonus2010

    bonus2010 VIP Member

    9888............................ :)
  3. johnyc1

    johnyc1 Member

    9888 that was quick will give at a try thanks let you know asap

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    spot on thanks again worked great 2 mins then granduaghter 3yrs old pushing buttons turning volume up n up n up think blown fuse lol gota sort that now but great big thanks
  4. anto1969

    anto1969 Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    for future posts please choose a more suitable thread title, it will help you get more help and other members to find the info that may have similar problems to you.

    Thread title changed from desperate
  5. bonus2010

    bonus2010 VIP Member

    maybe your grandaughter has nudged the 'security panel'..... remove and re-insert this. If the panel loses connections it can appear radio is not working :)

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