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DM500HD : OpenPLi 6* IPTV June 2018 (v3-v5)

Discussion in 'Dreambox DM500' started by Toysoft, May 29, 2018.

  1. Toysoft

    Toysoft Registered

    DM500HD : OpenPLi 6* IPTV June 2018 (v3-v5)


    - OpenPLi 6* by Japhar Team
    - Speed Optimized, much quicker than any previous versions
    - Python 2.7.13
    - GStreamer Stable
    - AC3+/DDP/EAC3 support (On compatible hardware)
    - Feeds online (For Wifi/DVB-T Dongles)
    - DVB-T USB, Trial Tuner, from JAM (Hauppauge, A867, etc)
    - Wifi Realtek, Ralink, Mediatek Supported
    - IPTV Support with Built-in
    1300 Free To Air FREE IPTV Channels from their broadcaster
    100+ VoD Free To Air Public Domain Movies and more coming soon (Charlot, Keaton, etc)
    - JAM 5.3 built-in (Plugins/Addons)
    - Japhar Sim Required
    - Support by Japhar Team

    MEGA Japhar :
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