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Dreambox500sHD Help

Discussion in 'Dreambox DM500' started by scouse, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. scouse

    scouse Member

    Hi, first post for me and I need help. I had a 12 month gift that went bang after 4 but hey ho, anyway not used box for about 2 months and would
    like to get back for Xmas. My problem is i can't open any channels exept the free to air. I have done all i know like restart cam - restart box - network test
    - ftp all with no joy. I have had 2 test lines and ftp with both flashxp and filezilla but i show no cards. Any help please.
  2. Jagsy

    Jagsy TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    maybe unplug router and box, for a couple minutes... then plug router back in and once it gets internet connection then plug box back in...at least you know all connections will be fresh and you can rule that out as being the problem
  3. scouse

    scouse Member

    Thanks for reply Jagsy, done that and also everything says enabled on network test. Strange one, I would like to put new image on but will have to get a null cable but with it all
    working a few weeks ago don't think it's the image but not an expert on these. Fell into the group if it's working leave alone so I only know basics.
  4. scouse

    scouse Member

    Well another day wasted, all I get now from Filezilla is ECONNREFUSED. I have read page after page and tried all the fixes but same tonight as this morning.
    I am slowly giving up and thinking of buying a new box but not sure if I would have the same problems. Don't want to try and put a new image on because
    I think I would struggle and I'm thinking it's not an image problem.
  5. wullboy

    wullboy TK Veteran

    Try Flashfxp, and see if it connects m8,
  6. Jagsy

    Jagsy TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    if you see ECONNREFUSED then close filezilla and reboot router and box and then try again in filezilla
    when that happens to me that's what I do and it clears the problem and make sure you check the ip of the box again as it can change when you reboot it
  7. scouse

    scouse Member

    Cheers Wullboy but as I said in my first post already tried Flashfxp with no luck. Jagsy I will try that later as I have to go out now and tonight is not a night for testing. Come on you Blues
  8. wullboy

    wullboy TK Veteran

    ive used flash on my dreambox 500s/c for the last 6 years m8, and it has never ever let me down, and not once has it given me ECONNREFUSED, so your setting must not match up m8 ??
  9. unison

    unison Member

    what image are you using on the dream box...... as this might be the password for ftp you can download tux box commander and edit the files you need N or C line or remove the password. if its a N have you downloaded mgcamd bit more info is needed to get you up and running this is how to remove the password if you have to....

    1)Download and Install and run TuxBox Commander plugin via your images download manager if image as this

    2) Choose directory to edit=var/etc/passwd

    3) Remove the encrypted password.

    --> ATTENTION !!!! THE PASSWD file only !!! NOT the passwd- be careful you dont choose passwd-

    3.1) In the file /etc/passwd is the line:
    root:b:0:0:root:/root:/bin/sh or something as !!!
    root:ililililinsatshares:0:0:root:/roo t:/bin/sh

    3.2) the password field is the b or the encripted string ililililinsatshares

    3.3) Delete the b or the string the line now is:root::0:0:root:/root:/bin/sh for the DM500

    if you are using another DM keep the root as it is you must delete ONLY the string.

    4) Save the file and exit

    5) Telnet to your DB with root user without password

    6) Create a new root password with the command : " passwd "

    7) Reboot and password is sucsessfully changed.
  10. scouse

    scouse Member

    Thanks for the reply's and at last success. A few weeks ago I got a 5 port t p link for other devices so I unplugged everything and connected straight to Dreambox, found new ip addy in box and away we go.
    Stuff the other devices lol so good start to the day and hope it keeps going with a nice Everton win tonight. Never mind the nice just a win will do.
  11. RICHIE77

    RICHIE77 Member

    hi m8 will tuxbox get me in an email that is password protected??