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Firestick and plusnet problem

Discussion in 'Kodi - Android box - Firesticks - MXQ' started by emmerdale, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. emmerdale

    emmerdale Registered

    hi guys the problem is i have a firestick got kodi on it i can play and view the addon Fantastic with no problems . But i have the addon Cerebro iptv it was working fine for a day but the day after when ever i went into it all i am getting is that spinning wheel and nothing more. my provider is plusnet and Safeguard has never been turned on so i cant understand why Cerebro wont work as it worked for the 1st day i got it . any help would be great thanks in advance
  2. formandvoid

    formandvoid TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I think it is down at the moment.Have you tried Terrarium.
  3. Jethro

    Jethro Registered

    Try installing Live Lounge App for firestick and you won't go far wrong m8.
  4. Caturent

    Caturent Registered

    Most likely the add on having problems, have you checked there twitter chum?
  5. emmerdale

    emmerdale Registered

    thanks for all your advice guys i got it working the password on the router was wrong strange i know but thats what plusnet told me . thanks again guys