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First post: Newbie Debating VU+ Duo2 or a VU+ Solo 4k

Discussion in 'Vu+ DUO2 Support' started by muttley99, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. muttley99

    muttley99 Registered

    Hi All,

    Just persuaded the missus to ditch Sky and after reading many posts on the forum have been looking at the following boxes.

    VU+ Solo 4k or VU+ Duo2

    At the moment i'm thinking Duo2 but just wanted some advice on which way to go.

    I have a sat dish with 2x cables coming in so what tuners will I need (if any extras)?

    I'm thinking of recording direct to a QNAP server rather than a internal HDD and I like the idea of sending live TV to the android devices I have around the house. Can the duo2 / solo 4k do this?

    Are there any better boxes out there I should consider?

    As a noob (and to keep it as simple as possible for the other half) am I best to run openvix, blackhole, or openpli with the slyk skin or does it not make any differance.
  2. Paulie57

    Paulie57 Registered

    Muttley I have a dou2 box with vix image , have twin sat tuners for the option of recording one channel and watch another and also have dvb-ct tuner for cable , using kiddacs slyq skin , have to say excellent box , cost a bit more then other boxes , but we'll worth the extra , and very user friendly. ........,
  3. Jazzie_bee

    Jazzie_bee Registered

    the duo2 is great for streaming to other devices as you can adjust the transcoding rate, i use it on ios and android devices. Also using the devices you can view recordings even those stored on NAS drives via the Duo 2. I believe the Solo 4k may be the same but double check.
    If you are thinking of a 4k one there are two new ones from Vu+ - Uno 4k and the Ultimo 4k.
    More for you to read up on!
  4. muttley99

    muttley99 Registered

    Cheers Paulie / Jazzie bee. I'll add those boxes to my research list.

    Regarding newer boxes. Obviously the hardware will be better but are the boxes as stable? Does it take a while for the software to stabilize or are the pretty much good to go on release?
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  5. Paulie57

    Paulie57 Registered

    Ya mate got mine pre flashed with vix installed on purchase and ready to go , very stable

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  6. Gunshow

    Gunshow Registered

    Having just purchased a VU+ Duo2 box to replace my old Phoenix A850 I can confirm it is an excellent box that I've yet to have an issue with. I use VIX and tried another skin but find the basic vix version is more simple to use.

    Good for streaming to Kodi VU+player, although mines not so good on HD channels and HD recordings Jazzie_bee any advice?

    I'm under the impression that you will be unable to get HD channels through a sat line though so would a 4k box make a difference?
  7. muttley99

    muttley99 Registered

    Correct. It's more to future proof the box TBH. Dont have a 4k tv either. Haha. Cable isn't currently available in our area at the moment but thats not to say it won't be in the future if I wish to make the switch.

    I've read reviews that it's not ideal for a first box due to the setup but I hoping it will be ok with the help of the forum. I work in the electronics industry so I consider myself fairly technical and I'm happy to play / figure it out much to the annoyance of the other half.
  8. Jazzie_bee

    Jazzie_bee Registered

    Hi Gunshow I use the app for streaming just adjust your transcoding bit rate as on a high level it can be a bit jerky, lower it to a level when you get smooth motion.
  9. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    All boxes are virtually the same (there are a few differences here and there, I imagine, particularly across different images) to set up. I've set up a few Zgemmas, a Venton, a Gigablue and three Vus (okay one was a clone) and I did it all pretty much the exact same way.

    Look in the cable section and look at bees' guide for setting up E2 boxes and just ignore the cable part of his guide, or go to kiddac's dropbox and follow the barebones guide.

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  10. wullboy

    wullboy TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    If your splashing the cash, then go for the newer model m8...vu+ solo 4k. they are of course not long out. so nobody really knows if the box is good or bad, the duo2 is a good box, but i believe its about 2 years old...