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Freesat V8 Golden/Super Multi Sat Channel List

Discussion in 'Satellite - Motorised - Euro - Multi-LNB' started by mike142, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. mike142

    mike142 TK Veteran

    This is a multisat chanel list, (53E to 36W) for the Freesat V8 Golden & Freesat V8 Super (use at your own risk).
    Also included is a Softcam list with latest keys for these Biss channels, (AMC Africa - 10E, ESPN 901, & 902 - 15W, NHL channels - 22w) & PowerVu keys for 4.9E
    To Load Channel List - "Menu" - "Tools" - "USB Upgrade" - Set Upgrade Mode to "User DB" and press "Start".
    To Load Softcam - "Menu" - "Tools" - "Conditional Access" - Press 6666 on Remote - "Key Edit" - Press Red Button to "Import".
    To enter USALS settings - "Menu" - "Satellite List" - Press Green Button "Edit" - Go to "Motor Setup", set it to "USALS" & Press Green Button "Set Location"

    Updated 15-11-2018
    Fight Network 15W Updated


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