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Help newbie question

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H2' started by Majordj, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Majordj

    Majordj Member

    Hello all I have a h2h at home working great. I'm looking for a second box cheaper for my room. It doesn't need all the fancy stuff that the h2h has but I need to go run off my vm cable in my room.

    What's the best box are v8 open box good?
    Any other options?

    Do They have Internet TV like my h2h?

    Sorry for the newbie q

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  2. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    so your looking for a new cable box to run, remember your line will need to be multiroom enabled lol or you may be planning on buying another line for it. You could always buy a mutant 500 that's a single tuner and can come flashed with viix, just fire in a mgcam.cfg file along with newcamd.list inot keys and scan once the net id is in and your away
  3. Majordj

    Majordj Member

    Lol I'd get multi room or a new line bud. Just trying to work out the price for the box first if it's too much then I just get another android box as mine broke the other day doh. I'll have a look at the mutant 500 is that cable vm only? Hope you are well anyways bud

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